Creating artefacts as learning analytics in assessment” __“Assessment of Learning in Higher Education


This article contributes to “Assessment of Learning in Higher Education”. It reviews and evaluates on the “artefacts as learning analytics in assessment”. In this study, the following three insights were observed: Artefacts:1) as an outcome of an assessment task; 2) as a learning task; and 3)a vehicle of communicating student learning to employers and other interested parties. Methodology employed was a structured questionnaire followed by views and opinions/feedback of employers in the word of work of „reviewing learning analytics/artefacts of prospective students of their authentic work. Further, reflections and in-depth discussions (rich accounts) by students in the international learning context also were reviewed; accessed the „rich accounts of students reflection as well as interviewed potential employers in relation to using artefacts as an assessment tool. It was revealed that artefacts can be and are considered as a learning analytic in communicating the world of work, at the same time a balanced approach is proposed in implementing that can be considered in designing assessments.