Effects of Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, with the effects of Job Rotation and Role Stress

Shelomeya Ragel,V. R. Ragel


Demand for good organizational citizens are increasing in organizations as they are working hard for their organization without expecting anything in return. The purpose of this study is to investigates the effects of organizational commitment on organizational citizenship behavior, with the effects of job rotation and role stress in banks at Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat of Batticaloa district.Commitment of employee is counted as a huge resource in organization because committed employee serves effectively and efficiently at organization. Job Rotation is a well-known job training tool and helps to improve employee.Role stress seem as a critical problem faced by everyone; so, maintaining it in a limit is advisable. There are several researches have been conducted related with Organizational citizenship behavior, but similar studyhas not much studied in the past. Study population consists of bank employees (247) from 13 banks in Batticaloa. A structured questionnaire was distributed to selected respondents and 166 duly filled questionnaires received back. Simple random sample method used to derive the sample. Relationship within variables analyzed through Correlations. And to analyze the impact of variables, regression analysis has been used.„Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior‟ and „Job rotation and Organizational Commitment‟ both are positively related and have positive impacts. While, „Role stress and Organizational Commitment‟ shows inverse relationship and impact.As well Organizational Commitment plays intermediating role in connecting antecedents Job rotation and Role stress with Organizational Citizenship behavior.