Determination of Performance Measurement Metric of Mango Agroindustry In Cirebon District, Indonesia

Lies Sulistyowati, Pandi Pardian and Nur Syamsiyah


Cirebon regency is known to be the center of mango fruit production in Indonesia, and the best known is mango “Gedong Gincu”. Besides consumed in the form of fresh fruit, mangoes have also been processed into various forms of preparations such as mango dodol, mango juice, candied mango and pure mango. Mango price fluctuations also affect the mango industry’s aro-industry activity. This study aims to design the performance measurement metrics on mango agroindustry in Cirebon District. The method used in this research is Analytic Network Process (ANP) to design agro-industry performance measurement metrics. The results showed that in determining performance measurement metrics using ANP get three main criterions that is internal factor of agroindustry, agroindustry agro actors and performance of mango agroindustry. The most influential indicators in the sustainability and development of processed mango agroindustry as icon of Cirebon Regency are capital support (1.70), government support (0.099) and value added of rice from agro-industry activities (0.063).