Relationship between Element of Truanting Behavior and School Location in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Aminu Yusuf & Sa’adatt Abubakar Mohammed


The study hoped to come up with the solution towards minimizing truanting behaviour among SS students through determining the relationship between anelement of truanting behaviour and school location among Secondary School (SS) students in Bauchi State Nigeria.Specifically, the study determined differences in percentages in theelement of truanting behaviour between urban and rural secondary school students. A survey design was used for the study. The population of thestudy consists of 1000(537 male and 463 female). Proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used to select 278(149 male and 129 female) SS students.The adaptation was made on the Questionnaire for a Truant (QT) developed by Bentyn and Janiak (2005). Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.87was obtained the reliability coefficient of internal consistency of the QT items. Hypotheses were tested at α =0.05 level of significance. The data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages,andChi-Square test. Among the findings from the study includes 62.9 % of the urban and 59.7 % of the rural SS students have anelement of truanting behaviour; Urban and Rural SS students differ significantly (Chi- square= = 44.952, p = .001) on the element of taunting behaviour. Early detection and address of anelement of truanting behaviour among SS studentby School Guidance and Counseling unit; monitoring student attendance and follow up in absences were among the recommendations made from the study.