Rural markets and the development of political marketing in Nigeria

Bright ZorBari-Nwitambu and Sylva Ezema Kalu


This paper aimed at investigating the roles of rural markets in the development of political marketing in Nigeria. A handful of literatures were reviewed and given the Nigerian perspective, and also obtaining a clue from other part of the globe like the Indian experience, it was discovered that in recent time government is becoming more and more interested in the rural communities due to the crucial roles they playin the political advancement of a nation. The market women and other rural dwellers constitute the respondents to this study. The total population is 130 with a sample size of 97 using Krejcie and Morgan sample size table. To arrive at the outcome of the study, field data were obtained from the 97 sampled respondents in various local government of Rivers State, Nigeria. Furthermore, secondary data were obtained from works of scholars in related discourse both from Nigeria and India viewpoints. Analysis was done using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient (PPMCC) aided with the SPSS 20.0 software. Conclusively, the findings revealed that rural markets significantly contributed to the development of political marketing in Nigeria.