The Impact of Social Media on Brand Related Contents as a Marketing Tool for Palestine Mobile Companies

Author: Dr Fathallah A Ghanem

Al Quds Open University, Palestine


In today’s era, human needs have led to the exchange and development of communication tools, as modern communication technologies via the Internet have provided a digital environment in which humans can exchange their thoughts and ideas. This digital environment is called the social media that business companies used as a major platform for broadcasting their brands messages to customers. Due to the importance stage of modern marketing communication tools, shifting from deconstruction of traditional marketing process from passive to active players. as it provides interactivity between the consumers and the producers in the marketing process. Therefore this study focuses on examining several social media networking sites on brand related contents as a marketing tool for mobile companies in Palestine. The interview technique was used to determine the effects of social media on brand related contents on customers from the point view of the mobile companies advertising units. Adding to this, content analysis method was preferred in accordance with the purpose and scope of the study. The coding chart was used to obtain the data to come up with the most widely social media sites used to derive useful outcomes from social media sites. The findings from this study highlighted the role of social media in helping target companies to better understand consumer, and the motivations behind spreading brand related contents.