The Influence of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Perceived Value on Customer Loyalty Wine Shop Bali

I Gede Rihayana, Ni Made Dwi Puspitawati, & Daniel Manek
University of Mahasaraswati Denpasar, Indonesia


Customer relationship management in maintaining customer loyalty is important to do to find out what customers expect and need so as to create a close and open relationship as well as two-way or reciprocal communication between them, with customer loyalty it is not easy to switch to other products and brands. The value factor offered or Perceived Value on a product / service offered. Customers will become loyal customers if they consider the value provided is more than the value that is perceived in their minds. This study used 97 respondents, where the results of the questionnaire were judged using SPSS analysis tools. Where the research results obtained are the influence of customer relationship management on customer loyalty, and there is a significant positive influence between customer’s perceived value on customer loyalty at a Bali wine shop.