Volume 3 Issue 4 July-Aug 2019

Structure, Conduct And Performance Of Fish Markets Of Khagaria District,India
Ravi Shankar Kumar, D. Kranthi Kumar, Hoilenting and Swadesh Prakash
Baliology: Towards the maintenance of Balinese sustainable development
I Ketut Ardhana
Ability of Lebanese Market to Adopt Digital Banking and Its Effects On Economy
Youssef Hussein AbdulKhalek and Adria Jaber Ismail
The Moderating Role of Trust in The Relationship Between Fairness Perceptions and Income Tax Voluntary Compliance in Nigeria
Abba Ya’u and Dr. Natrah Saad
What is the adequate response to global migration challenge
Arkady Martynov
The Impact of Production Technology on Human Capital in the Sugar Cane Farming Business in Eswatini
Prudence Kholekile Khumalo and Dr. Happyson Bimha
Project Management Practices and Performance of Projects in Wajir County,Kenya
Ahmed Abdi Mohammed and Mr. Shadrack bett
Regional Spread of Self Help Groups (SHGs) And Bank Linkage Programme in India
S. Sundara Ram, Dr. R. Rupa Kalpana and S. Varun Kashyap
Factors influencing FDI in Ukraine and five other FSU countries: A study of data 1995-2017
Artem Shcherbyna & Vijay Shenai
Effect of Money Supply on the Liquidity of Nigeria Money Market
Onayemi Mary. A. & Alimi Akindapo A.