Volume 5 Issue 4 July-Aug 2021

The Impact of Corona Virus on Capital Flight in Nigeria
Author: Aloamaka Ifeanyi Judith & Akan David Chucks, Nigeria
Effect of Free Cash Flow Management on Financial Performance of Mutual Funds in Kenya
Dr. Murkor Abiud Soet, Professor. Willy Muturi & Dr. Oluoch Oluoch, Kenya
Corporate Governance Characteristics and Sustainability Reporting of Listed Food and Beverage Firms in Nigeria: An Empirical Discourse
Ighosewe, Enaibre Felix; Uyagu, David Benjamin; Iheonkhan, Samuel Iyere; Nigeria
The Influence of Customer Relationship Management and Customer Perceived Value on Customer Loyalty Wine Shop Bali
I Gede Rihayana, Ni Made Dwi Puspitawati, & Daniel Manek, Indonesia
Standards Development in a National Accreditation System for Oman: The right step for now
Van Kemenade, E.A. & Al-Salmani, N., Netherlands